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Indonesia SelasaBerkebaya movement aims to promote ‘kebaya’ as daily outfit

Valerie Halim The Jakarta Post Thu, July 4, 2019

Members of Perempuan Indonesia Berkebaya community take group selfies while promoting the movement to wear the ‘kebaya’ every Tuesday at the National Monument (Monas) on Tuesday.(JP/Valerie Halim)

A group of women from Komunitas Perempuan Indonesia Berkebaya (community of women wearing the kebaya) wore colorful kebaya on Tuesday as they walked around the National Monument (Monas) area to campaign for Selasa Berkebaya, a movement encouraging women to start wearing kebaya every Tuesday.

Their presence at Monas marked their second public appearance. They started their campaign last week near the Dukuh Atas MRT Station. During the events, women from the kebaya community posed for the camera, took selfies and uploaded their pictures to social media with the hashtag #SelasaBerkebaya.


A group of students from Pelita Harapan University joined the #SelasaBerkebaya campaign by taking pictures together with the women in kebaya and offering to create an official website for the community. Despite it being such a simple campaign that only started about a week ago, the movement has attracted much attention.

The group is  reviving the kebaya culture because the kebaya is an Indonesian tradition that has been passed down for generations. Although the kebaya is not the only traditional outfit for Indonesian women it is one of the few worn across the entirety of Indonesia.


From: THE JAKARTA POST (Indonesia) Thu, July 4, 2019


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