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Fun, glitz and glam in 7th Myanmar International Fashion Week show

Kyi Sin Thant  The Myanmar Times December 31,  2019

Photos: Shin Moe Myint and Aung Htay Hlaing

There was no doubt about the sense of glamour getting stronger as I witnessed glowing beams of stage light dancing across the starry night sky. Faint rhythmic beats from afar would surely put a rave enthusiast into PLUR-y vibe; you know the peace, love, unity, respect principles of the rave culture.

No sooner did the pinkish hues and fuchsia stained the airy and lively atmosphere. On the far end was one gigantic LED screen emitting colors of all shades. Big blocks of letters that say “The Central Boulevard” stand tall as the glitzy-ritzy stage backs them up. Not a red carpet but a concrete “carpet” shining gold with night lights led my way up to the glam zone. “It’s show-time baby” I heard myself say.

The photo area is all about the yuletide season, with a tall, gold and silver Christmas tree, shimmering with decors all over, attracting many photoholics. The area led to the bustling backstage with a row of designer booths and of course, our favorite top models and makeup artists.


Heading to the pinkish wide-open space where fashion aficionados and devotees congregate, I noticed the distinctive runway pattern circling the audience. The stage setting and the venue decoration were not shabby at all thanks to Outdoor Network and MPTH Stage construction group.

But all those showy decorations and repeated advertisements for sponsors proved to be annoying. I kept glancing at my watch fed up with all those tiresome ads that pushed my patience to a new limit. The show started 60 fashionable minutes late.


All of the sudden, the stage lighting went crazy, glistening and flickering trying to cope up with the beat of the music.

The catwalk opened with the Academy Award winner, Aye Myat Thu fiercely walking down the aisle in her teal green jumpsuit by Chic Pauk (MogokPaukPauk) and followed by colors of crimson, scarlet, indigo, emerald emitting rays of confidence in simple yet catchy silk and lace.

Si Si Aung (Fashion House) did nail every girl’s dream dresses with all those jaw-dropping flouncy, feathery organza ruffles, shimmery sequence and satin. Shwe Eain Si and Awn Seng’s queenly looks with their majestic crowns and extravagant gowns emphasized the definition of “grace”. Traditional bridal wears did bring out the models’ girliness and elegance at the same time.

I must say day one ended aesthetically with its crowning jewel, Ahlatt Lumyang’s masterpiece. Watching the models in their stringy and thread-y white suits with hints of red, which I reckon represents blood, gave me chills and stuffy feeling. Background music and stage lighting did a great job portraying the mood and tone Ahlatt wanted to offer.

“This year I stepped out of my comfort zone, took a risk for my collection,” he said. “I developed a new concept focusing on presentation rather than my usual comfy wears. You may see that I get my emotions involved in this collection. My collections depend on my mood and I’m really thrilled to hear that my designs even got the audience emotional.”

Ahlatt Lumyang admitted this year’s show got him all stressed out especially “when the outfits are still in process like two or three hours before the show starts.”

“It’s even more stressful for someone who gets every detail right for all 22 outfits,” he said. “I also had to arrange the music to fit the vibe and hired an artist for the visualizer. But I feel like they’re all worth it when I got some good feedbacks.”

Day two was all about diversity. May Myat Waso (Designers’ Design), Ya Tu (Happy Heart), Min Khant (Alvaasce Fabrics) and Sandy Linn Naing (Touched by heart) came together to show their vibrant masterpieces, from traditional attires to western couture, which was pretty much more appealing than the first day.

The last day was something remarkable as fashion enthusiasts get to taste foreign touch in local fashion industry. Five Asian designers showed off their couture along with both local and foreign models. Perada showcased various fabrics of the Malay Archipelago (Nusantara) with designers from all over Asia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia.

After Perada came RAMMA by Shartra with his Ramma Royal Collection. Known for his bold and eccentric designs for Myanmar idol judge Phyu Phyu Kyaw Thein, he claimed that such designs are “his things”.

His ready-to-wear outfits, with twist of Royal Gypsies theme, stole the show. The models looked ever so comfy in their patterned elastic satin body suits.

“It took me some time to create this collection from fabric texture and printing to designs, I painstakingly went detail with everything.” Shartra commented about his collection.

What attracted me was the matching boots crafted out of the same fabric as the outfits.

Last but not least, dVis by Thai fashion maestro Davis Pranlapon presented men wears and a few of kids wears in rainbow colors showing some supports for LGBT campaign. His glitz and glam suits were what light up the night with all those glitters and shimmers.

John Lwin’s Star Event Production did its very best managing the three-day event from December 20 to 22 along with Hearty Heart as the main sponsor.

“This is our 7th year celebrating Myanmar International Fashion Week,” said John Lwin. “As the event organiser, I just follow the trend to bring this event to life. Running a modelling agency, myself, I know that model society can’t survive without designers having the shows.”

John Lwin is the mentor of top models such as Aung Ye Linn, Moe Yu San and Shwe Eain Si.

From: THE MYANMAR TIMES (MYANMAR)  December 31,  2019

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