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Indonesia Regency AdministrationTrenggalek Committed to Maintain Karst Ecosystem


Karanggongso Beach in Trenggalek, East java. TEMPO/Aris Novia Hidayat

TRENGGALEK, Indonesia Trenggalek regency administration, East Java, has committed to manage the karst ecosystem sustainably.

“The karst area is a giant tank that stores underground water, which must be maintained to remain sustainable,” said Trenggalek Regent Emil Elestianto Dardak, when receiving the work visit from the Directorate General of the Karst Ecosystem Management team in Trenggalek, Tuesday, December 4.

Karst is home to various types of rare flora and fauna, non-renewable mineral areas, and key areas of the regional hydrological system. It is also functioned to control the ecosystems, so the environment will run in harmony.

“This karst ecosystem is important for the balance of nature and the environment,” said Emil.

Emil warned the people’s economic activities should not be harmful to the environment, including the sand/stone mining. The mining must be managed appropriately and balanced.

“The commitment of managing karst in a sustainable manner is the control,” Emil said.

The policy received positive appreciation from the Director of Essential Ecosystem Management of the Ministry of Forestry and Environment (KKLH) Tandy Tjahjana, who led the group of KKLH teams. He welcomed the commitment between his side and the Trenggalek regency administration regarding karst. Tandy stated that the karst ecosystem is very important for extractive activities of mining and forestry utilization. It is also important for the non-extractive landscapes, environmental services, biological and social services. So the potential of Trenggalek regency does not only come from mining products, but also from tourism. “It will increase people’s income,” he said.


From: TEMPO.CO (Indonesia) Wednesday December 5, 2018


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