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After Forest Fire, Mount Merbabu in Indonesia to be Opened in November

DINDA LEO LISTY TEMPO.CO Tuesday October 30, 2018

Mount Merbabu. TEMPO/Nur Septia Wilda

 BOYOLALI, Indonesia – After almost a month, starting November 1, the climbers will be allowed again to climb Mount Merbau, a mountain with an altitude of about 3,145 meters above sea level (masl).

“The closure of the climbing routes remains on schedule, from 8 – 31 October. After that, all climbing routes are opened as usual,” said Head of the Mount Merbabu National Park Center (BTNGMb) Edy Sutiyarto on Monday, October 29.

Previously, the closure of Mount Merbabu was carried out for repair and maintenance of the climbing routes.

“The traps become landslide because they are eroded so that they are slippery and dangerous for climbers,” said BTNGMb’s Head of Sub-Division Administration Johan Setiawan last month.

During the closure of Mount Merbabu, there were two forest fires. The first fire occurred in the area of Dukuh Gunungan, Jeruk Village, Selo District, Boyolali Regency, on Friday, October 12.

The second fire occurred in the western side of the Getasan region, Semarang Regency, on Sunday, October 14. “The burned area is around 400 hectares,” said Edy.

According to Johan, the two forest fires did not hinder the maintenance activities and the repairs to climbing routes during the closure of Mount Merbabu.

“In fact, the momentum was right, the fire occurred when  Mount Merbau was closed (there were no climbers),” said Johan.

From: TEMPO.CO (Indonesia) Tuesday October 30, 2018

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