Korea – Style Sharing Reply


The Style Sharing Exhibition explored the symbiotic relationship between Korean and British styles, showing the work of Korean designers who have been inspired by British life,  and  ‘Hallyu’, Korean’s term for South Korean culture’s popularity in the West.

P1340928  P1340927

P1340922 P1340917

Rok Hwang – the designer behind the freshly launched ‘rokh’ label – talked to ‘Style Sharing’ exhibition curator Tory Turk about living and setting up a fashion label in London on 19 March..  The talk was part of the current exhibition at the Korean Culture Centre UK London (KCCUK) Style Sharing: 2015 International Fashion Showcase (16 February – 4 April) and  included a screening of a film on Rok made by British filmmaker Eoin Glaister.

The designers at Style Sharing were rokh, J KOO, J Moon, Heohwan Simulation, Hyunsoo Heather Park, Nayoung Moon, Ha Sang Beg


P1340907 P1340903P1340899  P1340894


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