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Boishaki Mela London

P1970274D   P1970274H

Bangladeshi New Year celebration in London.  There were  live dance and song performances, with over 100 stalls selling all things Bangladeshi, with many stalls serving fine cuisine. Tolly Boy gave away free packets of Basmati Rice to visitors The London  Bangledeshi Boishaki Mela is the largest outside of Bangladesh. Huge crowd attended the celebration at Victoria Park, London, Sunday 17 May 2015.

P1970275B  P1970275E P1970276  P1970276C

P1970282   P1970283E

P1970284C    P1970284E

P1970285   P1970286H

P1970287D  P1970288P


P1970293G  P1970308

P1970330 P1970345

P1970348    P1970359

P1970361  P1970380

P1970382  P1970387

P1970412   P1970425

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