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Thailand’s pro-institution group, named ‘The People of Thailand’, submits complaints against the United States and its embassy for allegedly supporting pro-democracy protests in Thailand, according to their statements

By Nop Meechukhun Pattaya News Tuesday, 20 April 2021

BANGKOK – A group of Thai people, who called themselves ‘The People of Thailand’, has submitted a letter to the US Embassy today, April 20th, asking the United States to stop what they believe is interfering with Thai politics as they claimed that the US government agency reportedly distributed donations to and supported pro-democracy movements in Thailand.

Pichit Chaiyamongkol from the People’s Democratic Reform Committee and lawyer Nitikorn Lumlua, two representatives of ‘The People of Thailand’, has submitted complaints to the US Government to stop allegedly interfering in Thai politics and sabotaging Thailand’s national security, according to their statement.

The letter stated that for the past 20 years, Thai people have been monitoring the situation around the world, seeing the conflicts of people in many countries, and the internal dominance of the United States through diplomatic operations and secret organizations, claiming that it was for the sake of democracy.

According to their statement, the group also received a report that a staff member of the US Embassy in Thailand has been closely involved with Thai pro-democracy activists. Therefore, they decided to gather in front of the embassy to express their rejection and to ask the embassy to stop such behavior to avoid conflict as Thailand and the United States have always been great friends.

Lawyer Nitikorn told the Thai press “This is the second time that we have filed complaints as we recently found that there was evidence of an online chat between an organization for political activism in Thailand and a person in the US embassy who was only named as Agent H.”

“We don’t know if it was a real chat or not, so we arrived here today to also ask for clarification from the embassy as well,” Nitikorn stated.

The US embassy had a representative collect the complaint but did not immediately release an official statement.

SOURCE – Pattaya News, Thailand Tuesday, 20 April 2021

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