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Cambodia PM orders crackdown on women who pose sexily to sell products

Sen David / Khmer Times February 18, 2020

Prime Minister Hun Sen yesterday ordered relevant ministries to find ways to take action against women who pose sexily on Facebook to promote products.

Speaking at the annual meeting of the Cambodian National Council for Women at the Peace Palace, Mr Hun Sen said that some online promoters wear sexy clothes to advertise their products on social media.

“Those wearing sexy clothes to promote the sale of products online are affecting the moral values, and dignity of Khmer women,” he said.

Mr Hun Sen ordered the Ministry of Interior to work on ways to monitor and take action against Khmer women who do so and also those who pose sexy self-portraits on social media.

“Their actions affect the honour and morals of Cambodian woman and [at present] the Kingdom has no law against this,” he said.

Im Vutha, Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications spokesman, said yesterday that the ministry will prepare working groups to coordinate with relevant ministries to prepare mechanisms to take action dealing with such posts.

He said that the working group will examine legal options to curb such activities.

“The ministry will not ignore this issue and will create the working group soon to work with related ministries to prepare mechanisms to take action against such online posts,” he said.

Khmer Rise Party president Sok Sovann Vathana Sabung posted on his Facebook page yesterday that he supports the government’s move to take legal action against women who wear sexy outfits because they paint a wrong image of women and could provoke sex crimes.

“In fact, there are cases of woman who shamefully expose their bodies to attract customers for their products,” he said. “Their actions impact Cambodian culture and strict action must be taken.”

During yesterday’s event, Mr Hun Sen also praised the efforts of the National Council for Women for its active role in building and developing society.

He said that women are now involved in a variety of sectors such as health, services, banking, hotels, restaurants, teaching, as well as the military.

Mr Hun Sen also praised the role of women in the military and noted that recently women were  actively involved in rescue work during building collapses and demonstrated they are just as brave as men.

He also thanked armed forces servicewomen who joined United Nations peacekeeping missions in countries such as Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Mali and Central Africa.


PM orders crackdown on women who pose sexily to sell products

From: KHMER TIMES, CAMBODIA Tue, February 18, 2020

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