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‘Got body, face, education’: Singaporean’s satirical ‘rent-a-girlfriend’ service for CNY gets laughs online

BY TAN MEI ZI Malay Mail Fri, January 24,  2020

Facebook users were especially amused by this photo and pointed out that Low had forgotten to turn on the stove. — Picture via Facebook/CarrineLow

Are you an anxious lad dreading the upcoming Chinese New Year reunion dinner and facing endless questions about your love life?

Online influencer Carrine Low might not have the solution for you, but she sure knows how to give a funny take on the dilemma that plagues many youngsters during the festive season.

Her Facebook post advertising a satirical “rent-a-girlfriend” service has elicited giggles from social media users on the eve of the Lunar New Year.

“Are you gay? Asexual? Have better things to do than buy into the construct of love?

“Fret no more. Try me… Above average-looking, cute girl-next-door look (high in demand),” she wrote, along with her height and weight measurements.

In her post, the 22-year-old described herself as a full package of “body, face, and education” who can “subdue your nosy middle-aged aunty” and “get chummy with your mum”.

She also joked that watching Korean TV dramas helped her hone acting skills that would convince her client’s family of their “relationship”.

Among the personas she said she could adopt were “smart local (university) girl”, “Chinese ah lian”, and “rich Sentosa Cove girlfriend”.

However, she also specified things she could not do, such as bantering about sports, military service, and objectifying women.

“Please do not hate, it is a free market and I am offering a unique service for people who need some company this Chinese New Year,” she said at the end of the post.

More than 5,000 Facebook users have reacted to the hilarious advertisement so far with many tagging their friends in the comments section and urging them to seek Low’s help for the holidays.

From:  MALAY MAIL (MALAYSIA) Fri, January 24,  2020

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