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Blood is thicker than water: Relatives of governor, mayor promoted in Indonesia’s Riau administration

Karina M. Tehusijarana  The Jakarta Post Sun, January 12, 2020

Riau Governor Syamsuar (left) welcomes his daughter-in-law as the head of a subdivision in the province’s revenue agency. (Tempo/Subekti )

The provincial administration of Riau and the city administration of its capital Pekanbaru have drawn scrutiny over the appointments of the relatives of Riau Governor Syamsuar, provincial regional secretary Yan Prana Jaya Indra Rasyid and Pekanbaru Mayor Firdaus to key positions.

Syamsuar’s daughter-in-law Tika Rahmi Syafitri was appointed the head of a subdivision in the province’s revenue agency (Bapenda).

Yan Prana welcomed his wife, Fariza, and two brothers into the Riau administration. Fariza was appointed the head of a division in the province’s civil service agency (BKD). His elder brother Prasurya Darma assumed the role of secretary of the province’s social services agency, while Yan Prana’s younger brother Dedi Herman was appointed division head in Riau’s Public Order Agency (Satpol PP).

Tika and Fariza were previously only staff members in their respective agencies, while Prasurya was previously a staff member in the regional secretary’s office.

The appointments were made amid 734 other appointments of echelon III and IV civil servants in the Riau provincial administration last week.

Riau BKD head Ikhwan Ridwan argued that the provincial administration made the appointments in accordance with the applicable regulations.

“Yes, that’s not a problem. It’s not against the rules,” he said on Friday as reported by “The requirements have been met and [the appointments] are according to procedure.”

Meanwhile, in Pekanbaru, Mayu Indera Feriadi, the daughter-in-law of the city’s mayor, Firdaus, was appointed the head of a subdivision in the city’s Bapenda on Friday.

The appointment comes a week after Firdaus’ son Riski Amelia Firdaus, who is Mayu’s husband, was appointed the head of a division in the Pekanbaru Asset and Financial Management Body (BPKAD).

“Yes, they were appointed according to the regulations,” Pekanbaru city secretary M. Noer said as quoted by

Separately, Home Ministry spokesman Bahtiar said the ministry had sent a letter to the Riau administration, demanding that it explain the appointments.

Bahtiar said the 2014 State Civil Apparatus Law did not regulate the appointment of officials’ relatives. Therefore, the appointments were permissible.

He said members of the public could file a complaint to the State Civil Apparatus Commission if they suspected there was nepotism in the appointments.

“If the people feel troubled with it, just report it,” he said on Friday as quoted by (kmt)

From: THE JAKARTA POST  (INDONESIA) Sun, January 12, 2020

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