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Reception of the 8th Dominican Week in the UK

LONDON – The Inaugural Reception of the 8th Dominican Week in the United Kingdom was held in the exclusive restaurant Hispania, with a presentation of the book “Ancestral Flavors: the evolution of Dominican gastronomy”, on 21 October 2019.

H E Hugo Guilliani Cury addressing guests

The new Dominican ambassador to the United Kingdom, Hugo Guilliani Cury addressed guests. The guest of honour was the Minister of Industry and Trade of the Dominican Republic, Nelson Toca Simó.

“The Dominican week in the United Kingdom allows the creation of the most important business network and government contacts between Great Britain and the Dominican Republic and is the main promotional space for bilateral investments between our nations,” the president of BRITCHAM, Leonel Melo said at the official opening reception.

The VIII Dominican week, seeks to diversify trade and investment flows between the United Kingdom and the Dominican Republic, emphasizing turning the country into the Logistics Center of the Americas, with access to the main markets in the world for exports of goods and services to these markets.

“Ancestral Flavors: the evolution of Dominican gastronomy” presents a timeline of Dominicia’s  culinary history, where the living presence of its native crops, and the ones adopted throughout time, have marked the course of the country’s  social and historical evolution, additionally featuring priceless information, complemented by a compendium of artistic images.

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