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GKR Hemas Comments on Anti-Idolatry Group Ransacking Sea Offering

By SHINTA MAHARANI TEMPO.CO Monday 15 October 2018


YOGYAKARTA, Indonesia –  Yogyakarta Kraton’s King Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X Empress, Gusti Kanjeng Ratu (GKR) Hemas said that the group of people who tried to put an end to Pantai Baru beach’s sea offerings is trying to eradicate Indonesia’s tradition and culture.

“The people that tried to ban sea offerings are not aware of their nation’s culture” said Hemas to Tempo when we reached her on Sunday, October 14.

GKR Hemas asserted that traditions and local customs such as sea offerings are different to religion and that it must be preserved to reinforce local tradition. She also said that police must thoroughly investigate the perpetrators that tried to boycott the tradition at Pantai Baru.

As previously reported, dozens of people ravaged the offerings that were at the beach on Friday night on October 12. The group threatened to destroy the ‘penjors’ or bamboo poles that were placed at the beach’s entrance gate.

The group also put up a banner containing a message against idolatry or polytheism in the name of culture. Residents and event committee members who were at the beach felt intimidated by the group that wrecked properties used for the local tradition that has been practiced for 21 years.

Following the incident, Adj. Grand Commissioner Sahat Marisi Hasibuan claims police have questioned nine witnesses but has yet named any suspects of the intimidation. Following the incident on Friday, committee members and residents continued their sea offering tradition the following day on Saturday, October 13.

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