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GREEN BREXIT: A New Era for Farming, Fishing & the Environment

Tony Juniper (World Wildlife Fund) (left) during Q&A with Rt Hon Michael Gove MP

LONDON: – UK Prosperity hosted the LONDON CONFERENCE 2018 GREEN BREXIT: A New Era for farming, Fishing & the Environment, with a keynote address from the Rt Hon Michael Gove MP, Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs,at County Hall, Thursday 15 March 2018.

The conference explored A Green Brexit. The event  discussed the opportunities and challenges which leaving the European Union will create for sustainable farming and fishing in the UK, the conservation of the countryside and protection of the environment, and the UK’s international role as an environmental champion and emerging opportunities in green technology and finance.

Discussion with panel

Speakers included: Tony Juniper (World Wildlife Fund), Sir Roger Scruton, Jochen Zeitz (The B Team), Lord Glasman (Common Good Foundation), Helen Browning (Soil Association), Prof. Dieter Helm (Natural Capital Commission), James Thornton (Client Earth), Ruth Davis (RSPB), Michael Liebreich (Bloomberg New Energy Finance), Rhian-Mari Thomas (Barclays PLC), Ben Goldsmith (Menhaden Capital), Craig Bennett (Friends of the Earth) and Henry Dimbleby (Leon)

Topics included Natural Capital and Economic Prosperity, Global Threats and UK Responses and Future of Food Production.

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