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French technical assistance to help Myanmar provide electricity from river currents

By Mizzima  Friday June 24, 2016

France is to provide technical assistance with sourcing an electricity supply from river currents for distribution to rural regions of Myanmar, state media reported on 24 June, quoting U Win Myo, chair of the Sein Lan Ami-Myay Development Organisation.

Green Lotus, a French environmental conservation group, has attempted to raise awareness of electricity production from water currents that could potentially supply over a thousand families in Myanmar’s rural regions with electricity.

A French company will assist with natural hydro-power technology and machinery education.

French technical assistance will employ a system of hydrokinetic turbine farms featuring two Hydro-Quest River machines which will be able to produce electricity – dependent upon the state of river currents – from water depths of 6 and 12 feet, according to the French Technology Company, a producer of natural electricity, according to the report.

From MIZZIMA,Myanmar

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