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Vietnamese Village Listed Among Best of the World

Da Quang Vietnam Times Sat, January 7, 2022

The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has announced that Vietnam’s Thai Hai eco-ethnic stilt village sanctuary is on the list of the best villages in the world in 2022.

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Thai Hai eco-ethnic stilt village conservation zone is located in My Hao hamlet, Thinh Duc commune, Thai Nguyen. It is divided into several areas which include the conservation area, food court, resort area, entertainment area, and event area. This reserve is like a green oasis with a quiet space and the atmosphere of a traditional village. It can be said that this place is an ideal destination for those who want to rest.

Thai Hai Village was established nearly 10 years ago by the village head – Nguyen Thi Thanh Hai. The original purpose of the establishment was to preserve the traditional culture of the Tay people, not for tourism purposes. This place has only started tourist activities a few years ago, but it has gradually become a popular tourist destination in Thai Nguyen.

More than 30 stilt houses were disassembled and transported from the Dinh Hoa area, Thai Nguyen. After the transportation process, these houses were restored to their original form for conservation.

The reserve is also home to 30 Tay and Nung ethnic families. Together they maintain and preserve their national culture. They have their own costumes, languages, customs, and traditions. Each house has its own theme and function, there is a herbal medicine house, a wine house, a green tea house, and a Then theater.

When visitors come here, they can register to stay in a stilt house and participate in the daily activities of the Tay people. The cost of renting a house is about VND 1.000.000 (USD 42.19) – VND 4.000.000 (USD 168.)/room/night. The tour guides are local people with knowledge and language skills. They often promote the culture and beauty of the village to visitors.

javascript:false On festive occasions, this village often organizes folk games such as sack jumping, monkey bridge, and stilt rides for visitors. On normal days, people can participate in daily activities with locals such as making cakes, cooking, and enjoying the sound of Then, and other musical instruments of the Tay people.

The cuisine is also a highlight of Thai Hai village. All cooking ingredients such as vegetables, tubers, fruits, meat, and fish are grown by the locals themselves. Visitors can enjoy typical dishes such as meat soup, grilled buffalo meat, whole roasted pork, and grilled chicken. In addition, there are dishes that test the courage of eaters such as worms and palm weevils. The price of dishes ranges from VND 130,000 (USD 5.49) – VND 380,000 (USD 16.03) per dish.

SOURCE: Vietnam Times, Vietnam Sat, January 7, 2022

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