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The Lord Mayor’s ShowLondon 2022

The Lord Mayor’s Show London was held on Sat  12 November 2022

A landmark event in London’s calendar since the Middle Ages, the Lord Mayor’s Show is today a vibrant mix of state ceremony, military parade and carnival, attended by half a million people and viewed live on television by millions each year. 

It’s an annual event, taking place in the City of London to celebrate the new Lord Mayor taking on the role. This longstanding tradition is bursting with pomp and ceremony.

It’s a three-mile long procession.. This year saw 6,500 people, 250 horses, and 133 floats (50 of which are decorated),  military bands, Taiko drummers, mounted knights, a 1955 Austin Champ, and a very large inflatable pig.

It is the longest and most splendid civic procession in the world.

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