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Can we save North Sumatran forests with local Batak wisdom?

Tonggo Simangunsong The Jakarta Post Tue, November 1, 2022

cam 3

 Parapat hills: Pictured are the hills on the edge of Toba Lake in Parapat, North Sumatra in September. In the last few months, the area has been impacted by floods, which is caused by logging on the top of the hills. (JP/Tonggo Simangunsong)  

MEDAN – Passed down for generations, some believe that local Batak wisdom is the solution to deforestation. For some Batak people of Indonesia, the only way at this point to rail against constant mass deforestation is to embrace local wisdom. In Batak mythology, the creator of the universe, Mulajadi Nabolon, granted the request of the first human ancestor Boru Deak Parujar, who asked to rule the Earth as her world.
SOURCE: The Jakarta Post, Indonesia Tue, November 1, 2022

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