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Thailand Pro-democracy protesters gather at Digital Ministry in Bangkok, following social media outrage over censorship of adult entertainment website PornHub last night

By Nop Meechukhun  THE PATTAYA NEWS Tue,  November 3, 2020

BANGKOK –  A group of pro-democracy activists gathered at the Digital Ministry at the Government Complex in the Chaengwattana district of Bangkok this evening, November 3, following the Thai government’s ban on adult entertainment website PornHub last night, along with supposedely 190 other adult websites.

The rally is mainly organized by an activist group called ‘Anonymous Party’ who posted an online statement earlier that the government’s censorship is merely limiting their people’s freedom and choices of accessing personally favorable content.

One of the participants, Pakorn Porncheewangkul, told the Associated Press that the gathering will be publicly discussing the issues of how banning and blocking adult websites would improve any aspects of Thai society since illegal prostitution still explicitly exists in every corner of the country, according to him.

Pakorn stated: “Previously, we have seen many adult websites shut down, but not many gambling websites, which has destroyed good relationships in many family institutions more than pornography sites.”

“Another subject we will be discussing today is why the possession of sex toy devices and the concept of prostitution are considered scandalous and illegal when, ironically, one of the countries main income and worst kept secrets has always come from sex tourism.”

Source: THE PATTAYA NEWS, THAILAND Tue, November 3, 2020

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