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Food Not Bombs In Myanmar

Zon Pann Pwint The Myanmar Times Tue, May 26, 2020

Food Not Bombs (Myanmar) organisation is helping people in need during the COVID-19 outbreak. Photos: Food Not Bombs Myanmar/Facebook

NAY PYI TAW – Covered in tattoos and dressed like punk musicians, a group of young people on the streets carry sacks of rice and food.

They are volunteers from the Food Not Bombs (Myanmar) organisation, helping people in need during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Inspired by Food Not Bombs (FNB), originally founded in 1980 in Massachusetts by nuclear disarmament activists, the Myanmar version was established in 2013 by a group of punk enthusiasts, Kyaw Kyaw, a volunteer from Food Not Bombs (Myanmar), said.

FNB (Myanmar) has another aim. They want to change the way society views people with tattoos, who are often seen as gypsies and criminals. They want to prove that these guys are good people.


Since its foundation, the team regularly helps people in need. They did not fail to lend a helping hand when the COVID-19 panic hit Myanmar in late March.

In response to panic buying, they shared food with people at Mahabandoola Park. Laying out a spread of local delicacies, alongside hand gels and masks, they wanted to show people how to be generous – whilst maintaining social distance and personal hygiene.

The team has accelerated their help, donating rice to factory workers who took to the streets to protest against factory closures. They reached out to hundreds of trishaw drivers, vendors, old people and wage earners affected by COVID-19 by donating rice and food. The team supports sex workers who have been forgotten since COVID-19 broke out.

The team is known for buying all food from old vendors and donates them to street kids. In this way, they have developed a bond with some of the city’s elderly residents.

Each volunteer from Food Not Bombs (Myanmar) has their own professional work. They spend their own money to support people in need. They also organise special events with their Book Not Bombs group, which seeks to educate kids.

On top of all that they also enjoy entertaining people with their punk music, which draws large crowds whenever they perform.

“They contact us whenever they need help. We don’t think about gaining merit for the next life, and we don’t look down on people. We just try to help people, as we think everyone has the right to have enough food and a safe place to live,” Kyaw Kyaw said.

“What people actually need is food, rather than bombs. Instead of dropping bombs, food should be dropped so that people will be happy,” he added.

From: THE MYANMAR TIMES, MYANMAR Tue, May 26, 2020

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