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Taste of Korea: Jeonju with chef Hyungsoo Yim

Chef  Hyungsoo Yim

LONDON: In 2012 UNESCO designated Jeonju a ‘Creative City for Gastronomy’ for its long history of enriching Korean cuisine.

 The Korean Cultural Centre London showcased ‘Taste of Korea: Jeonju’ with  chef  Hyungsoo Yim, in conjunction with  The Taste of Korea: Jeonju exhibition, on Nov 23.

The event included a cooking demonstration of two Jeonju classics that are featured in the Taste of Korea exhibition, namely Bibimbap (vegetable rice bowl with chilli paste) and Kong-namul-gukbap (bean sprout soup with rice). Following the introduction, the audience had the chance to try the dishes.

In partnership with the Korea Traditional Culture Center, The Taste of Korea: Jeonju mounted and exhibition introducing this culinary city and its dynamic and vibrant food scene, presenting 7 of the region’s traditional dishes

The exhibition runs from 22 Nov 2018 – 12 January 2019 at KCCUK London


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